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Computer Telephony Interface Cards (CTI)

Tricom CTI ProductsVOICEPRO series are ideal units for developers to provide cost-effective, highly scalable, computer telephony (CTI) solutions for voice processing applications. A unique multiprocessor architecture comprised of digital signal processor (DSP) and general-purpose microcontrollers to handle all telephony signaling and perform all PULSE / DTMF (touchtone) dialing / sensing and audio/voice signal processing tasks.

Onboard DSP provide variable voice encoding at bit rates of 32 Kb/s for Adaptive Pulse Code Modulation (ADPCM) and 64 Kb/s µ-law or A-law for Pulse Code Modulation (PCM). Sampling rates and coding methods are selectable on a channel-by-channel basis. Applications may dynamically switch the coding method to optimize data storage or voice quality as the need arises. VOICEPRO series firmware also provides reliable DTMF detection, DTMF / PULSE cut-through, and talk off/play off suppression over a wide variety of telephone line conditions. These cards provide connectivity to the telephony network via analog trunks and ISDN-PRI E1. Custom designed line interface circuits protect the whole system from the entire surge.

VOICEPRO series hardware supports processing and manipulating of audio signals in the CT system by Filtering, analyzing, recording, digitizing, compressing, storing, expanding and replaying with the ability to receive, recognize and generate specific telephone and network tones.
Tricom CTI Products
Analog hardware support high speed USB bus as well as PCI bus compatibility depending on the user requirements and comes in minimum of 4/8 ports expandable up to 32 ports depending on PC configuration.

Voicepro series Analog hardware's are scalable in the form of 4ports and 8ports. Maximum of 32 ports can be accommodated in one PC for analog interface.

Voicepro also has models for E1 interface.



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